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Visualizing Bigger Data in R using Tabplot


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The amazing tabplot package creates the tableplot feature for visualizing huge chunks of data. This is a great example of creative data visualization that is resource lite and extremely fast in a first look at the data. (note- The tabplot package is being used and table plot function is being used . The TABLEPLOT package is different and is NOT being used here).


visualizing a 50000 row by 10 variable dataset in 0.7 s is fast !!

click on screenshot to see it

and some say R is slow ;)


Note I used a free Windows Amazon EC2 Instance for it-

See screenshot for hardware configuration


the best thing is there is a handy GTK GUI for this package. You can check it out at




  1. Pete Morgan says:

    Have loved this package ever since I first encountered it. I notice that the latest version restricts the sorting to a single variable whereas the older versions allowed successive sorts by, for example, a quantitative variable followed by some qualitative ones which enabled a breakdown of the quantitative variable by subgroups of the qualitative ones. Anyone know of a way round this with the new version?

  2. Ajay Ohri says:

    Time on Amazon micro instance Windows was
    user system elapsed
    0.66 0.11 0.89
    Configuration of Windows Micro Instance is 615 mb RAM,Intel Xeon , 64 bit OS Windows Server- I updated the above

  3. That is pretty fast!
    What is the system config that this is being run on?

  4. [...] stumbled upon this post by decisionstats about tableplot. I thought this library for R was quite cool and applied it to this data set with [...]

  5. Data visualization…

    I’ve been trying to learn more about data visualization, and Maria Popova (@brainpicker) recently pointed out a site (the Selected Tools page at datavisualization.ch) with a collection of pointers to visualization tools that look amazing. The screen c…

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