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Running R on Amazon EC2


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  1. satyavrat bondre says:

    wow, great article….small question though….what do I do if I already have an EC2 instance running with Linux and Tomcat and I want to add R to the same?

  2. Markus Schmidberger says:

    Great job. But as you can see a lot of work and there are several pitfalls.

    Register and test for free at cloudnumbers.com. You will get access to a pre-configured computer cluster in the cloud and many additional features (an extra security layer, access to public databases, many preinstalled applications, example code, …)


  3. [...] earlier post on using Amazon’s cloud for this purpose. Amazon now has a  browser-based graphical dashboard to easily manage your cloud-based machines, instead of relying upon command line [...]

  4. [...] I am going to start with the assumption that you have used Amazon Web Services EC2 already. Read Running R on AWS if you need an introduction to the basic steps. (Ajay Ohri’s post mentions several AMIs, but [...]

  5. Vlad says:


    Have you checked http://www.cloudbiolinux.com/? Their AMi has NX server installed. Do you known if somebody was able to run StatET to Amazon EC instance?
    Thanks for sharing your experience

  6. [...] to R on Amazon EC2- Detailed tutorials Ubuntu Linux version http://decisionstats.com/2010/09/25/running-r-on-amazon-ec2/ and Windows R version [...]

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