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YouTube Features: Audio Swap, Mobile posts and Themes


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Here are great features from the now formidable and always delightful Youtube, especially the Audio Swap feature.



Basically it allows you to use a background song over your home videos.

If you have ever shot a baby video, or a pet video, or just a random nature is beautiful video- here is an example

The Heavy Rock ( California) vs The Country Song ( Tennessee) versions.


They were both sent from my Iphone, and the audio added later. The Audio swap function is at-

My Videos >


Click on the Audio Swap Button below each video.

You can see the screenshot below for the functionality offered by Audio Swap.

The YouTube feature also has considerable refinements ( after 5 yrs of hard thinking by the most famous Standford alumni to drop out). An example is customizable skins and themes- see here a screenshot ( note the background color, font etc)-

You can also see it here at http://youtube.com/Decisionstats or just click the screenshot below.

Speaking of Stanford- I called up home in India to tell them how I am doing in San Fran. There was considerable confusion after I told them that I got admitted to Stanford. My father said- ” Just how did you get admitted to Stanford? ” Me- I just took the Caltrain to the station- I meant admitted to the campus not the college ;)

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