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Cloud Computing and GPU ( and some stats softwares)


R in the Cloud

Train in R

Statistical Computing on GPU Clouds

While R has shown a lot of promise on running in the GPU environment, I am unaware if other statistical softwares are working to come up with a GPU strategy.

Even though they have a cloud computing strategy, the latest is the customized GPU’s by NVidia for Cloud Computing. This is likely to braing down computational cost of hardware significantly so RAM or Memory Hungry stats softwares that used to run slower on the desktop than other faster softwares could now catch up thanks to the cheaper hardware now available.

R too slow for heavy dataset- get a GPU and Put it on a cloud.

Rent High Performance Hardware by the hour. The High Performance Stats Software would be free.

WPS is though pushing ahead with creating engines for Oracle as well as Teradata while SAS Institute announced a 70 million investment in cloud computing early this year.

WPS is a SAS language syntax software and now run models as well IN SAME EXACT SYNTAX as Base SAS which was created by SAS Institute-

see screenshot from Installation of their WPS 2.4 Version Release

WPS Engines during Setup











Also see an article from the definative guide or website of High Performance Computing HPC Wire or



October 21, 2009 NVIDIA Pitches GPU Computing in the Cloud by Michael Feldman, HPCwire Editor ——————————————————————————–

At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco this week, NVIDIA announced a GPU-powered 3D Web platform. Called the NVIDIA RealityServer, it consists of Tesla GPUs, rendering software and a Web service environment, all integrated into a platform designed to deliver photorealistic image streams via a cloud computing model. The new offering is yet another example of how the company intends to push its high-end GPUs into CPU territory.

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